Robyn Robertson


Robyn Robertson works in the international microfinance financial eductation sector as a trainer and often oversees multimedia financial literacy initiatives focusing on Africa and South East Asia. 

I have worked closely with her on numerous projects producing visual design pieces to support her training and creative productions.



Connect One


Connect One is a community initiative that connects international students with Australian families. They run various events throughout the year to help students feel welcomed and supported in a new country.

I created an initial logo that communicates unity, youth and support, which I then developed into a theme that was carried through all promotional material.



Singer Electrical

I was asked to develop a corporate suite for Singer Electrical Services, a new electrical company.

The focus on the name 'Singer' was particularly important - with the logo communicating structure, trust, honesty and a bit of fun, a theme that was carried throughout all the branding.



East and Central Coffee Company import green beans for roasters
in Australia.

I was asked to create a brand for them that was clean, simple and understated but that maintained some 'rawness' to reflect the coffee bean in it's original form. 


East and Central





Droplets in a Stream

Droplets in a Stream is a not for profit organisation working with various community leaders in Kenya and Uganda. I was asked to develop a brand identity for the organisation that was carried through their print and web material.

The Tour of Hope logo was developed using the DIAS circles, to ensure a close link back to the purpose of the event whilst maintaining a more corporate, eye catching feel so as to attract cyclists in Australia.


Everybodies Physio


I was asked to develop a corporate suite for Everybodies Physio, a new physiotherapy practice.

I developed various ideas based on some sketches provided by the client, and created a look and feel for the company that communicates support, reliability and movement. 



The Fabled Ink

​The artwork for this EP cover, cd and booklet was developed around the name of the band, playing on 'fantasy vs reality' as the name suggests.




​Q Forum is a group linked to the Liberal National Party Queensland. 

I developed an initial logo from which a theme was created that was used throughout all communication material and conveys a corporate yet approachable feel.



Q Forum




Paula Kern

​Paula Kern Photography required new branding which included a logo and business card. 

As Paula is the primary photographer I created a graphic around the concept of her having 'fun in the frame'. This is supported by a personal signature, communicating unique style and fun. 





Oar Inspired

Oar Inspired has developed new rowing technology and needed a branding refresh to take their business to the next level. 

I created communication and promotional material for the client that tied together the new elements with existing design elements to create a fresh, corporate feel for
the business. 




Library For All

'Library for All' is an organisation that provides an electronic library to the developing world through digital

The client provided some concepts around the old library card borrowing systems, from which I created a 'stamp' like logo and 'library card' call to action business card with envelope.







Brochures and booklets are a big part of what I do.

Here is a selection of some of the latest I have done for Anna Kern Creative as well as in my role at the design company 'MyDesigner'.



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